Integration of technologies, quality for users

Making technology available and easy-to-use for everyone: moving towards this target, Umbra Control develops innovative software products that aim to improve quality of daily life through a simple and functional management.


Umbra Control software products range from human resources management, to production process control, until integrated management of building technological systems, with cloud-based distribution logics.

Scalable, recursive and distributed software products, thanks to remote control system and micro-services architecture: Umbra Control R&D team constantly works in order to assure best flexibility and customization, according to user demand and system requirements.

VISIOSUITE – A smart software for a smart building

The centralization software for a safe coordinated and integrated management of technological systems. The software, developed by Umbra Control, has innovative functions that make the building smart, whether companies, public buildings or private houses.

GRUWEB – Giving value to human resources

HR software for a smart communication between company and employees. With GRUWEB human resources management becomes smart and adaptive for every business model or organization.

KEYENTRY – The web solution for access control

KEYENTRY is the software for access control management that guarantees full control and constant availability of data and functionalities thanks to the web service, which is accessible from smartphone or tablet.

TOLOMEO – Monitoring System for Renewable Energy

TOLOMEO is the easiest web based solution that allows the real time monitoring and control of the production of the energy installations: photovoltaic fields are managed by an easy-to-use instrument, with best technologies and innovative interfaces.

MENEW – Application for food service management

MENEW is a useful software for restaurants, for an easy management. The client can reserve a table, order the meal displaying the Menu by smartphone or tablets, prepay, choose a coupon gift. The restaurant owner has an easy supervision of all bookings for a fast management.

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