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Umbra Control offers an all-inclusive service in turnkey solutions for buildings management: from design and construction to renovation, equipment, furniture and plant installation.


Design and construction, renovation, equipment, furniture and plant installation of different types of buildings, including mechanical and electrical projects until centralized and integrated management of the systems.

As General Contractor, the company guarantees the complex work of coordination of stakeholders and technicians, taking on the responsibility of the project. Coordination includes administrative steps and authorizations, in addition to the architectonic and engineering executive project.


For turnkey service, Umbra Control boasts strong experience and references, for different works:

  • Renovations, new constructions and layout adaptation for several bank branches all over Italy;
  • Renovations and layout adaptation of GDO shops;
  • Adaptation to general regulations for energy standards in public and private structures;
  • Procedures for accreditation of ASL or R.S.A. (sanitary structures in Italy) or nursing homes;
  • Adaptation of specialized structures for disabled people;
  • Adaptation of fire prevention security of sanitary structures.


All Umbra Control solutions are realized according to a certified system of quality.

ISO 9001:2015 Certification of Quality

Certificate N. 9115.UMBR
Current Approval: 19/02/2018
First Approval: 30/06/1997

ISO 14001:2015 Certification of Environmental Management

Certificate N. 1762.2018
Current Approval: 07/12/2018
First Approval: 07/12/2018

ISO 45001:2018 Certification of Occupational Health and Safety

Certificate N. 1763.2018
Current Approval: 07/12/2018
First Approval: 07/12/2018


Bentley SOA Certificate

Society Bentley SOA S.p.A.
Categories: OG1/IV-BIS – OG9/II – OG11/III – OS5/II – OS5/III-BIS – OS19/II
First Approval: n. 645/06/00, 25/1/2002
Current Approval: n. 27722/35/00, 08/04/2020

Registration on Purchase Portal of Public Administration (MePA, Italy) for the categories:

  • Goods for production of energy from renewable sources for energy efficiency
  • Goods for Informatics, Electronics, Telecommunications and Office Machinery
  • Goods for electrical, building and hardware materials
  • Services for Information & Communication Technology

Registration on Ministries and Public Administration (Italy) suppliers register

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